dream journal

this page is for me to document my dreams and escapades in my subconscious world that occurs while sleeping. these are either recent, or from the past.

journal entries

jan 29, 23

i was on a podcast with zach hadel and tomar talking about my art. zach and i went into my bedroom and he was looking at drawwing in my sketchbook, and he found a drawing of charlie and pim (which i didn't have in that sketchbook). a friend and i then played a game of bloons td5 i believe, and the sniper monkey's upgrades would be integrated with the sort of map. for a harbor one, there were plane defense upgrades, etc. it was odd but fun, as the higher ranks of upgrades allowed you to make the planes come out and shoot missiles at moab class bloons. i was then in a best buy, within some sort of electronics store, like a best buy, getting some items while crouching, saying things like "can't wait for this", etc.

jan 19, 23

i was in a discord server that i only used for emotes, and i started joining calls in the server. from then on, it had a leveling system that whenever i was in a call, i would start getting points for leveling. i was in a game similar to vrchat while in a call, and moments of the call started integrating with the game i was playing.

jan 12, 23

i went to a gym/sparring place that was operated by my coach for strength and conditioning. it took a long car ride to get there, apparently, i went on a charter with school people to travel there. tried talking to my coach, but he was busy talking to some of my peers about to get in a ring for boxing. then somehow i played a roblox game that was like item asylum

jan 3, 23

i went graffiti tagging with a member of decesare formula, and we were going around in some sort of polish city. we were trying to find good spots, but alas there weren't very many. a man came up to us with his dog, and he was arguing with us about something, possibly the morals of graffiti tagging, but i got this weird narration put over it. something along the lines of "he was arguing with us about _____". then we were in this little sort of capsule that we could stand in, wasn't in space or anything, just seemed like it was defying gravity and kind of hovering or floating. he was arguing with the member of decesare formula when i snuck in a tag. the narrator went "when he was looking away, he struck". then the man and his dog were pretty complacent with us, saying how we were alright, then he just kind of... disappeared? i dont exactly know. the dream ended after that.

dec 27, 22

in this dream, rateyourmusic actually updated to glitchwave. sharifi put a message on screen that said "i always hated rateyourmusic, this took way too long" as expected, there was a lot of talk, mostly positive, but some people had issues with links and formatting. i went to my own personal blog and found that formatting was wrong. that's all i can remember, i think

dec 26, 22

this one is quite frantic. i was in a different school, similar to a gmod map that i play occasionally, but larger and different in some aspects, like having structural difference. i was.. different in this dream. really hyper, jumping around, jumping off curbs and planters and somehow floating off when i jumped. i ran into people, and had a sudden change of pace when i started going behind the school and running around cars in the car line, i almost got hit by what appeared to be a blocky corvette. they braked, but didnt honk or anything of the sort. i then walked up to a classroom, which was what i assume to be a math intervention room, with my former algebra teacher. i was about to get started on work, when i realized i didn't have my school issued ipad. my algebra teacher noticed this, and told me to go to the library media center so they could "trace" the ipad. i went over there, and asked about tracing it, and ithey said that it was outside, for some reason. i then had a flashback to me throwing my ipad into a forest right beside my school, i found the ipad. i came back up, and was caked in sweat and dirt, and met up back in the math intervention class. the students looked at me in disgust.

the setting changed, and i was just in the library, looking for philosophical text. i found a book called selected works of plato, and decided to check it out. i then went to another area in the school building, this time with a darker atmosphere, and with white concrete/brick walls. the class had dark lighting, and i sat next to a irl friend of mine. for some reason, he had another guy next to him, i assume it was a relationship thing. we were learning some sort of thing in the class, dont exactly remember, but what i do remember is that one of the kids was extremely annoying, speaking over anyone and everyone, and he had a loud, shrilly voice. he spoke over me when i was saying something to the teacher. he said something along the lines of "yeha, you wouldn't know anything about that", porbably in reference to what we were learning, and i bluntly told him to shut the fuck up. i then made fun of the friend sitting next, but felt bad about it and apologized. i also accidentally had my fingers too close together, which may have appeared to be a middle finger, and the teacher started taling to me like a child in a way. i then exited the classroom and opened the door next to it, and in there was a wide, olympic size swimmming pool. i jumped in and then promptly exited. i stared at the teacher from outside the door, and then walked in and sat down. my clothes dried for some reason in a matter of seconds. i walked out again, and say a woman explain to me how comfortable specific robes are she looked exactly like one of my sisters. after that, the dream ended.

dec 25, 22

i dreamed that i got a new OS update on mac, and it was called "MacOS Bubbles (13.2)". very short dream, but neat nonetheless.

nov 04, 22

it started out in this kind of mix of a farm house and the apartment that i live in with my dad. wooden walls though, reminded me of a log cabin. had several rooms that had elements from my moms place. on the tv in the "living room" there was a zombie movie that was also a call of duty interactive mission? it was very odd. through a narrow hallway friends from school started to come in. i tried dabbing one of them up but they did the kind of down low too slow kind of things. we laughed about it. walked out of the house and saw a landscape similar to the farm i visit on occasion.

then it kind of transitioned to a very, VERY large school setting. the cafeteria i was in had no tables set up, and was quite empty. i walked around for a while, when some teacher was yelling something about leaving. then a teacher specifically came up to me, and started saying things like "go now you punk, you should have been leaving". i ran off because i was hurt from the comments.i bumped into a teacher that looks exactly like a teacher i know that does my history class. he started saying shit like "what's your problem" and i just yelled at him saying "you don't care about me"i then bumped into some very tall people, 7 foot at least, and both were wearing matching yellow adidas jackets. then i recognized a friend of mine, and i ran over to him, started talking about how the teachers are douches, etc. we started walking over to a metal pathway that went around using winding stair paths, and i saw a lot of friends from school. we then were in an outside settings, similar to a roof. it reminded me of the top of the e in skate 2. we walked up this red metal stairpath, and then from there my detail of the dream gets kind of hazy.

it transitioned, and i somehow came across this kind of forest road. very scenic, although a lot of the leaves had changed and fallen, but it was still very pretty. a very portly man drove past me in a suzuki sedan, and he stared at me the entire time he passed me. i went over to this gravelly turn-off of the main road, and i walked over to a mountain of gravel surrounded by an open expanse. the outside of this expanse was lined with a light amount of tress, with hills in the background. there were ballistic dummy heads and slabs of raw meat around the pile of gravel. i kicked em around, and then threw one of the skulls and it broke open. i looked over at it and inspected the cranium. it had this enscryption about doomsday on ti that i can't recall, and some kind of number code. then the dude in that suzuki sedan drove back into the expanse, and he smiled at me. the car then slowly drove toward me. then i woke up.

unnamed time, possibly when i was 9 or 10

my mom and i drove to this community center that from the outside looked like a hotel, with balconies lined across the floors. we got there at a later time in the night, i remember vividly that when we got there it was a thinly lined parkign lot, with two parallel rows in which you could park your car, with a wide, plain space in the middle to have the space to get adjusted to park. i don't remember how we got into the building, but i do remember the inside. it was lined with hallways. we were dressed for a very nice event. nice overcoats, white shirts, and we were walkign down the very large hallways. sometimes we would find that the hallways would be split off, or it would have a ramp lead up to some sort of door. there were a lot of people there, everyone in my grade from elementary and their parents (note: i must've remembered their parents from an assembly or a talent show, possibly an eclipse event). sometimes the splits were small, and were just little room sizzed notches in the expanse, no doors, but just wall. i would run around with my friends down the hall, and we saw others doing the same. we would find staircases, and run up them, only to find that these stairs led up to a space like a house. nice light carpet, and walls surrounding the bottom of which we could fall, just like the second level of a house. there were playhouses, similar to a mcdonalds playplace, and i remember crawling around in one of them. sometimes i could hear some kid crying, but it wasn't alarming to me in the dream. it then rapidly changed to me in the car with my mom, driving home. i remember it well, passing by old marks in the town i used to live in. i don't recall anything else happening after.